TRIDA Foundation

TRIDA Foundation is a non-profit organization initiated by cellist Maya Fridman to establish a platform that can serve humanitarian causes worldwide by generating awareness and funds through benefit music events. We recognize and endorse the importance of the benefit concerts as a forum for understanding, sustained solidarity and public attention for war victims. The initial push to start our foundation was the inhumane war waged by Russian government in Ukraine. The role of TRIDA Foundation is to facilitate the programming of musical benefit events. We aim to encourage more artists and venues to participate in benefit concerts by making it financially feasible.

Our mission

The mission of TRIDA is raise awareness to the atrocities of war by gathering funds for war victims by means of benefit concerts. We strive to enable a sustainable approach to such events in terms of fair payment for participating artists by generating financial support. We strongly believe that benefit concerts can strengthen solidarity, promote open dialogue and lead to social change.

Our goals

1 — Generating funds for the organization of benefit concerts by covering musicians fees and and organizational costs while the entire income from such events is destined for humanitarian purposes.

2 — Establishing a broad network of artists, journalists, radio & TV stations, scholars, scientists, students, politicians and experts in various other fields of activity to create a forum of continuous public attention to the atrocities of war.

3 — Facilitating the organization of benefit events that can include debate, panels, masterclasses, concerts and exhibitions.

Our team

TRIDA Foundation is governed by a board consisting of volunteers:
Rob Mommers, chairman
Ada Vermeer-Janse, treasurer
Rob van den Broek, secretary
Maya Fridman, artistic director

The Foundation is supported by a Committee of Recommendation consisting of:
Pauline Bieringa, CEO Triodos Bank Nederland
Nick van Buitenen, notary public
Chris Buijink, former chairman NVB
Johan van de Gronden, director KWF
Michel Krielaars, editor and chief book editor NRC
Maarten Mostert, cellist and director of the Cello Biennale
Yvonne Twisk, Governance Consultant

Further information

The foundation was established by notarial deed dated 15 September 2022 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 87628686. The Trida Foundation has a ANBI status.
RSIN nummer : 864354241
Remuneration policy: no remunerations are paid to the board. Musicians are paid according to fair payment policies.
From the start of the Foundation we were able to generate about €10.000,- of which about € 4.000,- could be paid to the musicians of the first benefit concert.